Mineral Alternatives 💫

Comparing Mineral to Traditional Makeup

Mineral makeup differs from traditional makeup in a few important ways. Generally speaking, mineral makeup is derived from a handful of naturally occurring compounds (such as mica, titanium dioxide, and iron oxides), and is processed in a way that eliminates the need for other synthetic chemicals (such as preservatives and artificial fillers) which can irritate sensitive skin.

There are additional benefits to using mineral makeup owing to its ingredients and production process. These include improved skin coverage and blending, deeper and more dramatic colors, and natural UV protection. This is why many professional makeup artists, dermatologists, and health-conscious users recommend switching to mineral makeup over traditional formulations, regardless of your skin type.

Mineral makeup is big business today, and this has resulted in dozens of product lines of varying price and quality. It's often the case that a more "industrial" mineral makeup line will utilize minerals like iron oxides and mica for its pigmentation, but will also include artificial and filler ingredients.

For this reason, we recommend examining the full list of ingredients for any makeup product you are currently using or considering. This is especially true for people with acne-prone skin, or who are otherwise sensitive to chemicals.