For Sensitive Skin ✨

Mineral Makeup and Sensitive Skin

Oil-free. Mineral makeup is 100% oil free. This is good news for people with acne-prone skin, since applying the makeup won't be adding additional oils to the face, which can clog pores and cause blemishes.

Free of most irritants. Many types of sensitive skin react poorly to preservatives, artificial dyes and fragrances, and talc (a common filler), all of which can be irritating to the outer dermal layers. Some women who have never worn traditional makeup due to more severe allergies or sensitivities discover they are able to do so, once they find a high-quality mineral makeup alternative.

Lightweight and breathable. Mineral makeup is composed of micronized minerals (meaning finely ground), and can be micronized to varying degrees for the intended use. The result is a makeup that feels lightweight and airy on the face. It helps you avoid the feeling of "makeup face," since it's in fact lighter, and achieves coverage without any excess.

Easy to apply. Because of the micronization process, mineral makeup in generally easier to apply. It also results in better coverage and better blending. For eye shadow, this is especially true when paired with a mineral eye primer. Keep in mind that with mineral makeup, a little goes a long way. Check out our application tips for some help here.

Protective. Mineral makeup typically contains titanium dioxide, which is a common ingredient in natural sunscreens. This means you have addition protection from harmful and aging UV rays.

Reduces signs of aging. This is a unique property of many mineral makeup formulas. Due to its light-reflective qualities it can mask age-related features such as fine lines and blotchiness. Vitamin-infused lines can help heal and nourish skin and skin imperfections.

Mineral Alternatives 💫

Comparing Mineral to Traditional Makeup

Mineral makeup differs from traditional makeup in a few important ways. Generally speaking, mineral makeup is derived from a handful of naturally occurring compounds (such as mica, titanium dioxide, and iron oxides), and is processed in a way that eliminates the need for other synthetic chemicals (such as preservatives and artificial fillers) which can irritate sensitive skin.

There are additional benefits to using mineral makeup owing to its ingredients and production process. These include improved skin coverage and blending, deeper and more dramatic colors, and natural UV protection. This is why many professional makeup artists, dermatologists, and health-conscious users recommend switching to mineral makeup over traditional formulations, regardless of your skin type.

Mineral makeup is big business today, and this has resulted in dozens of product lines of varying price and quality. It's often the case that a more "industrial" mineral makeup line will utilize minerals like iron oxides and mica for its pigmentation, but will also include artificial and filler ingredients.

For this reason, we recommend examining the full list of ingredients for any makeup product you are currently using or considering. This is especially true for people with acne-prone skin, or who are otherwise sensitive to chemicals.

Customer Reviews

Colorevolution Mineral Makeup Reviews

Best coverage
"I am 72 years old and have blotchy skin. In the past I have had to use a heavy liquid makeup to cover up the red blotches. But since using Colorevolution powder the coverage is great and it is so light that it's like not wearing makeup at all. I love it."

GREAT coverage for acne prone skin
"This product is GREAT! I tend to have occasional breakouts, and this makeup does not cause me to breakout at all!! It also hides scars very well, especially with the two shades of foundation provided.

Love it! Great product.
"I was so pleased with this product. I have used other mineral makeups at much higher prices. I'm ready to place my 2nd order.
The only thing I would like to see is the brush improved. It tends to be larger and softer then what I'm use to,resulting in the makeup not being as contained as other brushes I have used.
Still, I highly recommend the mineral makeup itself. Love the price point. Plus, I can use one of my many other brushes that work better for me."

Excellent Mineral Make-up
"As the mother of 3 daughters, we are thrilled with this product. It' leaves a natural, smooth look on your face and is the best mineral product we've tried. Doesn't look heavy and doesn't clog pores."

"i have tried several mineral make up brands and so far this one is the best!!! it's so hard to find a decent foundation that goes on smoothly and one that blends so evenly with no horrible makeup lines, but this really does blend smooth and evenly with no scary makeup lines, it's the best so far!!!!...in this kit (i got light/med) you get 1 light and medium, the eye color i wasn't too crazy about but then i didn't apply as much the other times and it's not so bad....check other reviews on other sites this brand is wonderful.

I love this stuff
"I've used everything from Chanel to MAC to Neutrogena foundation and none of them compare, in my opinion, to this makeup. I love it. It covers well and I do not have a layer of grease on my face by the middle of the day. I use the blush and eye shadows daily and like all of them - I'll admit the blush is a bit dark, but you don't need to use a lot. I also think the eye shadows are great (and I'm not 15)."

Great Makeup
"I really love this makeup. It covers the face so well and your skin feels like velvet. I am not a fan of makeup but I will keep buying and using this product!"

Great for Sensitive Skin
"I have used this product for over a year. I love to mix it with my moisturizer for a liquid foundation that I am not allergic to. I love it!!"

great coverage and color
"The containers are a nice size and easy to use. I have been using this product for about 9 months during the hot Texas summer and am very pleased with it."

I'm Hooked!!!
I didn't know about Colorevolution so I was using Bare minerals and it made my face itch terribly if the temp outside was warm to hot. It also felt heavy at times. My mom told me about colorevolution make up. She absolutlely loves it so I gave it a try. I have very sensitive skin and most make up break s me out. . So, I tried it and love it also. Even if I get hot it doesn't itch my face. It covers fantastic and it is not heavy feeling. It's great! I have already told my friends about it as well. I love colorevolution!

This Makeup is GREAT!!
This makeup is great. It just arrived the other day and I'm already hooked. It's a great value. The colors are stunning. It also arrived in good time. I even applied it on my cheeks and lips with my fingers. I just barely touched the product with my finger and rubbed it on in quick strokes. It looks like a cheek & lip stain product, very natural applied in this way. I add more little at a time to achieve the effect I want or just go minimal. It's beautiful. I used it like this with and without a lip balm (for a lipstick look) or clear gloss (for a high shine). Make sure your moisturizer is dry before applying this way on cheeks. It's so easy. It's not glittery at all (I hate glitter!) or too pearly especially when I use my fingers to apply; also I didn't drop any clumps of the product this way either, so no mess or waste. I got a great look and hardly used any product at all. I haven't tried it on my eyes yet but it should be fun. The pots are small but with a surprising amount of product inside each. This is really going to last. I'll be trying some other color sets later. The ingredients are low risk on the Skindeep cosmetic safety site too. Got to read the labels!!! Most cosmetics are so dangerous you wouldn't believe it. I'm very satisfied!!!

Application Tips!

Mineral Makeup Application Tips

Using a Q-tip, sponge applicator or brush, lightly dip into the color of your choice. Then, apply it to your eyelid. For a deeper, more intense color, wet the applicator before applying.

Using a thin eyeliner brush, dampen and lightly touch the tip into the color of your choice. Use under the lower lashes and/or over your upper lashes to create the perfect color!

Apply clear lipstick to your lips. Then, using a lip brush, dip into the color of your choice and apply to lips. Do the above with any of your colored lipsticks as well to match your mood!

Using a clear nail polish, dip brush into polish and then into the color of your choice and apply directly to your nails. Before drying, sprinkle some glitter on top for a glamorous look!

See perfection in your reflection...with our all-natural mineral foundation powder. The weightless powder gives your skin a healthy radiance. This foundation contains no fragrances or preservatives. It also provides a natural sunscreen!

Tap a small amount of powder into the lid from your container. Swirl your brush into the lid until all of the minerals are absorbed into the brush. Brush onto skin. Allow your moisturizer  to be fully absorbed before applying your mineral makeup.

To create liquid foundation or tinted moisturizer, add a small amount of mineral foundation to your facial moisturizer until you reach the right color and consistency.