Application Tips!

Mineral Makeup Application Tips

Using a Q-tip, sponge applicator or brush, lightly dip into the color of your choice. Then, apply it to your eyelid. For a deeper, more intense color, wet the applicator before applying.

Using a thin eyeliner brush, dampen and lightly touch the tip into the color of your choice. Use under the lower lashes and/or over your upper lashes to create the perfect color!

Apply clear lipstick to your lips. Then, using a lip brush, dip into the color of your choice and apply to lips. Do the above with any of your colored lipsticks as well to match your mood!

Using a clear nail polish, dip brush into polish and then into the color of your choice and apply directly to your nails. Before drying, sprinkle some glitter on top for a glamorous look!

See perfection in your reflection...with our all-natural mineral foundation powder. The weightless powder gives your skin a healthy radiance. This foundation contains no fragrances or preservatives. It also provides a natural sunscreen!

Tap a small amount of powder into the lid from your container. Swirl your brush into the lid until all of the minerals are absorbed into the brush. Brush onto skin. Allow your moisturizer  to be fully absorbed before applying your mineral makeup.

To create liquid foundation or tinted moisturizer, add a small amount of mineral foundation to your facial moisturizer until you reach the right color and consistency.