For Sensitive Skin ✨

Mineral Makeup and Sensitive Skin

Oil-free. Mineral makeup is 100% oil free. This is good news for people with acne-prone skin, since applying the makeup won't be adding additional oils to the face, which can clog pores and cause blemishes.

Free of most irritants. Many types of sensitive skin react poorly to preservatives, artificial dyes and fragrances, and talc (a common filler), all of which can be irritating to the outer dermal layers. Some women who have never worn traditional makeup due to more severe allergies or sensitivities discover they are able to do so, once they find a high-quality mineral makeup alternative.

Lightweight and breathable. Mineral makeup is composed of micronized minerals (meaning finely ground), and can be micronized to varying degrees for the intended use. The result is a makeup that feels lightweight and airy on the face. It helps you avoid the feeling of "makeup face," since it's in fact lighter, and achieves coverage without any excess.

Easy to apply. Because of the micronization process, mineral makeup in generally easier to apply. It also results in better coverage and better blending. For eye shadow, this is especially true when paired with a mineral eye primer. Keep in mind that with mineral makeup, a little goes a long way. Check out our application tips for some help here.

Protective. Mineral makeup typically contains titanium dioxide, which is a common ingredient in natural sunscreens. This means you have addition protection from harmful and aging UV rays.

Reduces signs of aging. This is a unique property of many mineral makeup formulas. Due to its light-reflective qualities it can mask age-related features such as fine lines and blotchiness. Vitamin-infused lines can help heal and nourish skin and skin imperfections.